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Supernatural Agriculture is a web site devoted to the inherent spirituality of growing food & medicine in a way that respects the environment of this unique planet we all share. Up until the beginning of 20th century, the ability to survive and thrive on this planet depended on having an intimate relationship with the forces of nature; our global economy was literally fueled by the sun and the process of photosynthesis. We grew most of our food, fiber, fuel and pharmaceuticals. With the exploitation of coal and oil, our lifestyle changed from a carbohydrate based reality to one fueled by hydrocarbons. Survival and security was now in the hands of the oil and banking interests. Instead of the small family farmer, the banks, corporations, and laboratories now grew the food and food-like substances we now get at the local supermarket.

Has this change from carbohydrates to hydrocarbons made for a happier and healthier global culture? Has it brought stability and wealth to our lives?

This website will attempt to elucidate our experiences living off the grid and growing much of our own food. We believe that we are healthier and happier by being connected to our planet,”Mother Earth”. We hope to inspire others to consider the options and opportunities that come with taking responsibility for our “daily bread”.

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Dancing with the Mother

The concept of "supernatural agriculture" is that we inhabit an infinite spiritual universe. Our infinite consciousness inhabits a finite body, with which we perceive our own personal reality. Our body lives and exists on this planet we call earth, that is in orbit around a relatively small star,the sun, in a star system we call "the milky way".This earth and the sun supply all the resources to support us and all the lifeforms on the earth. Over time, many religions and philosophies have developed to explain our relationship to this reality. Many types of living organisms have come and gone on this earth. Many human cultures have come and gone over time. Almost all of the non-violent, indigenous cultures that worshiped the sun and moon and stars have disappeared, absorbed so to speak by the dominant barbaric culture, whose religion now is "science and technology".

Wealth is no longer created by hunting and gathering the resources that are freely provided by our "mother nature". Wealth is now created and manipulated with fake, printed,or digitized currency. Clean air and water are no longer our birthright, on this incredible planet. These obvious necessities were long ago sacrificed to the god of science and economic gain. Agriculture and almost our entire food supply is now controlled by the very forces that that have destroyed the ability of the land, the forests,the jungles and the oceans to naturally nourish the inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

We recognize that the earth, the moon, the stars are also living beings with consciousness. They are forgiving and have much to teach us. It is time to put away the toys, tools and weapons of modern technology that are creating so much pollution, disease and disharmony, that we are now threatening our very existence. The earth, the moon and the stars can teach us how to live in harmony with the infinite natural forces that are within and surrounding us. We believe that taking complete responsibility for the food we put into our and our children's mouths is key to making a proper connection with the natural world. Working with the natural environment, to grow the food, fuel, fiber and “farmaceuticals” (natural medicines) is essential. We need to listen to the land, the forest, the jungle and the oceans. We need to listen to our mother. The act of making a garden, planting a seed, helping it grow, and eating the harvest is just one way we get to "dance with our mother".