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Supernatural Agriculture is a web site devoted to the inherent spirituality of growing food & medicine in a way that respects the environment of this unique planet we all share. Up until the beginning of 20th century, the ability to survive and thrive on this planet depended on having an intimate relationship with the forces of nature; our global economy was literally fueled by the sun and the process of photosynthesis. We grew most of our food, fiber, fuel and pharmaceuticals. With the exploitation of coal and oil, our lifestyle changed from a carbohydrate based reality to one fueled by hydrocarbons. Survival and security was now in the hands of the oil and banking interests. Instead of the small family farmer, the banks, corporations, and laboratories now grew the food and food-like substances we now get at the local supermarket.

Has this change from carbohydrates to hydrocarbons made for a happier and healthier global culture? Has it brought stability and wealth to our lives?

This website will attempt to elucidate our experiences living off the grid and growing much of our own food. We believe that we are healthier and happier by being connected to our planet,”Mother Earth”. We hope to inspire others to consider the options and opportunities that come with taking responsibility for our “daily bread”.

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> Roundup study linking Roundup to kidney failure. (Links Page)

> Bill SB2140 Hawaii State Senate (Glysophate moratorium)  introduced by Josh Greene MD. (Musings page)                    

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