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A new study links Roundup to Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka. Published by the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health, the study focuses on the the current epidemic of chronic kidney disease prevalent in rice farmers in Sri Lanka. While Roundup by itself has not been linked to kidney disease, the study addresses the chelating properties of Roundup with hard water found in the areas study.

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Week of March 7

Genetically Modified Foods

The U.S.D.A. releases its latest study on genetically engineered crops reaching the conclusion that it has no conclusion on how safe they are. Read the full story from Reuters or download the USDA study itself.


Bill SB2140 Hawaii State Senate (Glysophate moratorium)

Josh Green MD of the Hawaii State Senate introduces a bill to establish a moratorium on the sale, transfer, distribution, and use of glyphosate until July 1, 2019, including a committee to study the health and safety effects of glyphosate and make recommendations for safety guidelines for any continued use. Read the bill or the Big Island Weekly interview with the links.